More than 20 years ago, the movie ’Cocktail’ revived interest in colourful drinks and cocktails, and thanks to shows like ’Sex and the City’, most of us are familiar with the ’Cosmopolitan’. And now, inspired by big city trends around the world, cocktail culture is taking Denmark by storm.
During the meal, the food and wine are naturally in focus while the bar begins creating the special party atmosphere. Once it was draught beer that pulled in the crowds, but today drinks and cocktails have surpassed beer in popularity.
At dinner, guests can enjoy the host’s menu and wine selections, but the cocktail bar opens a world of individual choices: A sweet tropical drink, a refreshing breezer or a sophisticated Cosmopolitan.
The Moltke’s Palace bartending team is highly skilled and each member has undergone intensive training and extensive on-the-job experience. They can provide your event with a full range of drinks and cocktails with impeccable service, and they also have what it takes to create a great atmosphere.

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