Stage, sound, lighting and Audio-visuals

In addition to an excellent kitchen and well-stocked wine cellar, Moltke’s Palace also has a well-equipped technical department offering decoration, stage set-up, sound, lighting, and audio-visual solutions. 

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For more advanced solutions, we work in partnership with Prime Production.


The Large Assembly Hall is equipped with a stage elevator at the end wall. The stage measures 5.35 x 3.45 m and can be raised to different levels. 

Extension of the stage in the Large Assembly Hall, or setting-up of a stage in the other halls and chambers, may be undertaken in modules of 1.5 m x 0.75 m each. The following charges apply: 
Stage module 1.5 m x 0.75 m: DKK 300.00 including setting up and installation of stage front.


All halls and chambers are lit by crystal chandeliers/ bracket lamps. In the Large Assembly Hall, all crystal chandeliers and bracket lamps can be individually dimmed. The hall can also be illuminated with effect lighting which emphasises the hall's architecture. Stage lighting is also available. 

Extra lighting must be ordered 14 days before the event. The following charges apply: 
Effect lighting: DKK 4,350 per event/day. 


The Large Assembly Hall and Golden Hall are supplied with PA equipment for speech amplification and background music. The equipment is not suitable for use by bands or DJs in connection with dance music. 

The use of the PA equipment apply the following charges: 
PA equipment with two wireless microphones (hand-held and headset): DKK 2,350.00 per event/day. 
PA equipment with CD player: DKK 1,500.00 per event/day.


The Large Assembly Hall has a motorised screen behind the stage and is equipped for the use of an LCD projector. LCD projectors and portable screens can be installed in any of the chambers. 

The use of AV equipment must be ordered 14 days before the event. The following charges apply: 
LCD projector, plus PA equipment with two wireless microphones in the Large Assembly Hall: DKK 11,500.00 per event/day. 
LCD projector in the Golden Hall and small chambers: DKK 1,350.00 per event/day. 
Flip chart: DKK 200.00 per event/day. 
Whiteboard: DKK 150.00 per event/day. 

Writing pads: DKK 30.00 each per event/day.

Pen: DKK 16.00 each per event/day.
Writing pads and pens: DKK 45.00 per event/day.

Grand piano and upright piano

The Large Assembly Hall is equipped with a grand piano, and the other halls and chambers with upright pianos. The Large Assembly Hall and Golden Hall are moreover supplied with PA equipment for background music, while the other chambers offer mobile music equipment. 

Music equipment must be ordered 14 days before the event. The following charges apply: 
Grand piano: DKK 750.00 per event/day. 
Upright piano: DKK 575.00 per event/day. 
Music equipment with CD player and connections for iPod, mp3 player, etc.: DKK 1,500.00 per event/day.


In the case of large-scale lighting installations, band performances, etc., three-phase power may be taken from the Large Assembly Hall and the Golden Hall. Three-phase power must be ordered 14 days before the event. The following charges apply: 
380V 10 kW 16A: DKK 1,800.00 per event/day. 
380V 10 kW 32A: DKK 3,600.00 per event/day.
380V 10 kW 63A: DKK 6,600.00 per event/day.
For bands, a minimum charge of DKK 1,800.00 per event/day is always made for consumption of electricity and three-phase power.


Backstage facilities can be made available in connection with performances by bands, artistes or other forms of entertainment. 

Backstage facilities are charged at DKK 165.00 per artiste for a light meal. All extra like house beer, wine, water, fruit and snacks will be charged on consumption.

Moltkes Palæ · Dronningens Tværgade 2 · 1302 København K

Telefon +4533148066 · · CVR nr. 40607226


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