Appetizers make a welcome start to a wonderful dinner, and midnight snacks provide the perfect conclusion to a festive evening. 


Salt-roasted almonds, nuts and crisps

Examples of salty finger food:

- Salmon served on pumpernickel.

- Avocado cream on toast with black sesame.

- Crispy corn flakes with fresh goat’s milk cheese

EXAMPLES OF appetizers:

- Blinis with smoked salmon tartare and sour cream
- Steak tartare with crisps and pickles
- Veal crouquette with tarragon mayo

midnight snacks

hotdog buffet: 

Roasted frankfurters with fresh-baked rolls, ketchup, remoulade, mustard, raw onions, crisp-fried onions and pickles.

Selection of 3 savoury slices:

- Egg with pealed prawns
- Danish liver pâté and corned beef topped with aspic
- Danish rolled sausage topped with red onions and aspic
- Roastbeef with homemade remoulade and crispy-fried onions
- Smoked ham with Italian salad

Savoury buffet:

Fresh-baked white and dark bread, eggs, pealed prawns, Danish liver pâté, corned beef, rolled sausage, roastbeef, ham, mayonnaise, remoulade, aspic, Italian salad, sliced raw onions and crispy-fried onions.


warm dish:

Hearty Hungarian goulash with sour cream and herbs. 


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