Below we reproduce the house rules and some practical information relating to events held at Moltke's Palace.
The rules have been formulated to ensure that everyone 'plays' according to the same rules, and to minimise the risk of subsequent misunderstandings.


Moltke's Palace is a listed building and must be treated with respect. The same applies to many of the works of art and antiques that the Palace contains. 

Any damages arising from intentional, negligent or careless behaviour will be repaired at the customer's expense.

Smoking is not permitted in Moltke's Palace. Smoking may only take place on the outdoor landing on the first floor, or in the gatehouse on the ground floor. 
Decorations, signs, etc.

Drawings and specifications of decoration materials, stage constructions and the like for exhibitions, events, shows, etc., must be submitted for approval at least 14 days prior to the event. No items may be stapled, nailed, screwed, taped, etc., to the walls, floor or ceiling.
As a general rule, decorations, signs, and the like may only be placed on floor stands located a minimum of 50 cm from the walls and chandeliers. 
Moltke's Palace cannot be held responsible for situations in which the customer's wishes with regard to decoration materials, stage structures and the like cannot be accommodated, or are rejected in connection with setting up, if these fail to adhere to the above guidelines or are otherwise appraised to comprise a risk of damage to the Palace. 

Ordinary cleaning is included in all agreements for events and hire of premises. Any extraordinary cleaning and/or removal of decorations or the like will be undertaken at the customer's expense.
Access to Moltke's Palace

Unless otherwise agreed, the relevant premises will be made available one hour before the event, and must be vacated one hour after the event's conclusion. This also applies to any decorations, furniture arrangements, musicians, etc. 

Access to Moltke's Palace outside these times must be agreed 14 days before the event, and will be charged at applicable list prices.
Cloakroom and mislaid articles

Moltke's Palace cannot accept responsibility for items (coats and jackets, bags, the contents of pockets, etc.) left in manned or unmanned cloakrooms. Mislaid articles which are found will be kept for 14 days.


Items brought by the customer or third parties are not covered by the insurance of Moltke's Palace.

KODA and Gramex

Any charges payable to KODA and Gramex are not the concern of Moltke's Palace and if applicable must be paid by the customer.

Moltke's Palace cannot offer parking facilities. The Palace courtyard may be used only for brief setting-down and picking-up.
Instead, we refer customers to the public parking area on Dronningens Tværgade between Adelgade and Borgergade, or Jeudan-Park on Dronningens Tværgade, adjacent to Moltke's Palace. 



Moltkes Palæ · Dronningens Tværgade 2 · 1302 København K

Telefon +4533148066 · · CVR nr. 40607226


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