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January, february and march 2020


Bisque of Jerusalem artichoke and truffle fumé served with codfish and scallop soufflé.

Salmon Hollandaise 2020:

The palace's version of the well-known classic dish served with herbal chiffonade, crispy flouron and sauce hollandaise.

Hand-carved veal carpaccio with capers, Dansih 'Vesterhav' cheese, green peas as purée, pesto and sprouts.

main courses

Filet of beef served with crispy croquette of braised shoulder, parsley root puree and spinach sauté with artichoke, tarragon mousseline and crisp potato.

Pan fried tenderloin of veal and cauliflower of 2 servings - puree and roasted with fennel seeds. Potato crisps and veal sauce flavored with apple juice. Small fried potatoes on the side.

Tenderloin and grilled breast of Iberian Pata Negra-pork served with potatoes, three kinds of beans, corn crisps and bell pepper sauce.


Mousse of cloudberries with almonds served with white chocolate ice cream, pistachio

and buckthorn.

Cream caramel served with suzette sauce, orange salad and caramelized whitebread.

Cream puffs filled with dark chocolate cream, crisp meringue, black currant dust 

and raspberry ice cream.

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