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April, maj and june 2020


Freshly cooked white asparagus served with green asparagus salad, sauce mousseline and hand-peeled shrimps. Can be served with Danish baby shrimps - an additional charge will be added.

Roasted danish flounder served with cauliflower in three variations: roasted-, puree- and crudité and fish fumé sauce. 

Creamed asparagus soup served with poached egg, green peas, green oil and crunch.

main courses

Crisp breast of organic cockerel and crisp croquette of the leg served with garlic confit, salted celery and spring vegetables. Roasted small potatoes and sauce beurre blanc.

Filet of veal and veal croquette served with parsley puree, fried pointed cabbage, spring carrots, crushed new potatoes and sauce suprême.

Filet of beef BBQ-style served with red cabbage salad with cranberries, crispy onion ring, spicy whiskey sauce and mash of new potatoes with olive oil and tarragon.


Fresh strawberries with vanilla panna cotta, rhubarb juice and dried meringue.

'Rød grød' with fresh summer berries, sweet bisquits, pistachio crumble and ice cream.

Rhubarb sorbet tossed with vanilla cream served with rosehips pickled rhubarb in almond tart. 

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