The Large Assembly Hall is located on the first floor of Moltke’s Palace with windows facing out along both sides of the building. 
The most spacious facility in Moltke’s Palace, the Large Assembly Hall is especially well suited to hosting grand gala dinners, conferences, exhibitions, general meetings, events and shows. 
The Large Assembly Hall was built when the Craftsmen’s Guild purchased Moltke’s Palace in 1930. The hall was decorated with sculptures by Thomas Hansen and Edvard Eriksen commemorating the history of arts and crafts through the ages. Eriksen is also known for creating the world-famous Little Mermaid statue situated on Langelinie.
However, the first impression the visitor has on entering the Large Assembly Hall is created by three imposing Venetian chandeliers and the gilded draperies. 
The Large Assembly Hall is equipped with a raised stage, permanent screen, HD projector, digital sound system and LED lighting system.


SpaceMeasurementsBanquet setting School table settingTheatre style setting
324 m2 27,0 x 12,0 m320 persons 250 persons 400 persons


Using a banquet setting arrangement combined with elevated stage reduces the maximum capacity to 280 persons round tables of 10 people.

Moltkes Palæ Store FestsalMoltkes Palæ Store Festsal standard opstillingMoltkes Palæ Store Festsal standard opdækning
Moltkes Palæ Store Festsal guldstoleMoltkes Palæ Store Festsal guldstole og dugeMoltkes Palæ Store Festsal Verner Panton stole
Moltkes Palæ Store Festsal konferenceopstillingMoltkes Palæ Store Festsal mødeopstillingMoltkes Palæ Store Festsal lounge
Moltkes Palæ Store Festsal bryllup ceremoniMoltkes Palæ Store Festsal bryllupMoltkes Palæ Store Festsal stående lounge
Moltkes Palæ Store Festsal pink stjernerMoltkes Palæ Store Festsal bryllup pink lysMoltkes Palæ Store Festsal blåt lys

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Moltkes Palæ · Dronningens Tværgade 2 · 1302 København K

Telefon +4533148066 · · CVR nr. 40607226


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