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annual general meeting

 50 persons DKK 983,00 per person
 75 persons DKK 908,00 per person
 100 persons DKK 870,00 per person
 150 persons DKK 833,00 per person
 200 persons DKK 813,00 per person
 250 persons DKK 801,00 per person


  • Up to five hours event
  • Coffee/tea in plenery
  • Cake in plenery
  • Ice water in plenery
  • Reception buffet with eight different small courses
  • Soft bar for two hours

In addition to the above listed servings, the prices also include room rental, standard table arrangement, separate area for F&B, complimentary WIFI, sound system for presentation in the Golden Hall or The Large Assebly Hall, cloakroom and service.

If you want to customize your event yourself, please use the two links below, to create your own dinner or meeting. For other types of events - please contact Moltke's Palace for more information.

Prices indicated are per guest charge including 25% VAT. Prices are valid until 31. July 2020. 

Party planner - create your own dinner here

Meeting Planner - create your own dinner here

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